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“Amazing is the word that deserves the protocols of Richardboy! Simply amazing!!! This movement not only changed my life but that of several of my friends. I am at the point of my life that I never thought I would reach: toned, with my ideal weight, with energy but most importantly with health. Thank you Richardboy you are the best”

Vero - Client

"Grateful for Richard. I bought the Phase 1 protocol (although I was a bit skeptical), did it and managed to get to my goal weight. The Protocol was easy to do and the communication with him was always effective and on time. Now fasting is my lifestyle forever. Thank you leader for your good vibes and for your advice! 100% recommended and their Peanut Butter protein too. Success and may you continue to impact the lives and health of many people!"

Aleja - Client

"I weighed 240 pounds, I was at that important moment signing my contract with Univisión, professionally I was very well but personally things were not going very well with the weight and the food, the passing of the years and here I am, conquering professional dreams and achieving balance in my personal life with an excellent weight and learning more and more what it means to live in a healthy way"

Raul Gonzalez - Client