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This protocol is a guide to carry out a carnivorous diet for 7 days. Aims to give the digestive system a break and get out of stagnation, here are some of the benefits: 
  • Deinflammation of the intestine: By eliminating all foods except protein, the intestine is deflated and its function improves.
  • Ketosis: By restricting carbohydrates so much (almost to zero), ketone bodies will rise, experiencing many of the associated benefits: satiety, less overall inflammation, mental clarity ...
  • Bowel rest: The meat is completely absorbed in the small intestine, generating little waste and giving the rest of the digestive tract a break.
  • Bacterial overgrowth reduction: By limiting the food of invading bacteria they would improve various intestinal symptoms.
  • Less sensitivities: Eliminating almost all suspect elements would reduce problems due to unknown sensitivities to some of these compounds.
  • Get out of the stalemate: By making a radical change in your diet, you will be able to shock the body and get out of stagnation, you will continue to lose weight and you will also get all the benefits of this diet.
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