Men Body Rock - 8 weeks

Men Body Rock - 8 weeks


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This protocol is made for all men who want to take their physique to another level. The goal is to focus on increasing your lean muscle mass, always keeping our fat percentage low to achieve a lean body and mark your midsection (the famous abs) without losing muscle quality. We will use the diet strategically to fill glycogen stores to have a daily energy boost and combined with recommendations of strength and hypertrophy training to maintain and develop muscle (always combined with the magic of fasting). This protocol lasts 8 weeks and is called men rock.

Join the movement and give yourself the healthy body you need so much, reach your ideal weight with this protocol tailored to your needs in a healthy way and most importantly: sustainable over time, this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle!

Once we receive your purchase, we will send you a questionnaire which you must complete and send us along with your photos of the front, back, profile and weight in Kg.

After receiving all your information, you will receive your plan as soon as possible (maximum 2 business days), prepared according to your needs and goals. 

All plans are personalized and tailored to each one of my clients, when you buy a RichardBoy protocol you will personally receive my call where we will clarify any concerns you have. 

This protocol lasts for 8 weeks, during this period you will receive direct assistance and support by phone and WhatsApp. 

You will become a fat burning machine!

Be part of the movement that is changing the lives of many! 



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