Phase 3
Phase 3
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Phase 3


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16/8 maintenance protocol.

This protocol is for those people who already have their fasting hours, their meal times, their weight controlled and just want to maintain themselves.

Once we receive your purchase, we will send you a questionnaire which you must complete and send us, along with your photos of the front, back, profile and weight in Kg.

After receiving all your information, you will receive your plan as soon as possible (maximum 2 business days), prepared according to your needs and objectives.

All plans are personalized and tailored to each of my clients, when you buy a RichardBoy protocol you will personally receive my call where we will clarify any concerns you have. 

Each protocol lasts one month, during this period you will receive direct assistance and support by phone and WhatsApp. 

Be part of the movement that is changing the lives of many! 


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